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PostSubject: RULES   Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:52 pm

Forum Rules

Don't mess with other members, and what I mean by that is simple, no attacking each other. If you see someone do this, please tell me or Elliletsplayer, and we will jump to it.

No excessive spamming in the chat box or anywhere else on the website. If anyone does spam, let ArPeeGee or any moderators know about this.
Dumbass : I'm a n00b
Dumbass : I'm a n00b
Dumbass : I'm a n00b
Dumbass : I'm a n00b
Dumbass : I'm a n00b
Dumbass : I'm a n00b
Dumbass : I'm a n00b

Mess with the Admins and Mods at your own risk.

No pornographic content at all, bikini's are fine =]

Keep the images in the Cbox small, large images can fuck it up

Rules are subject to change at any time, make sure to check back often.

Cbox Rules

Group Rules

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