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 What do you want to see in Black Ops

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PostSubject: What do you want to see in Black Ops   Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:07 pm

ok guys this post is solely for what you want to see in Call of Duty: Black Op's. Let's try and be nice here and if someone has an opinion you don't agree with, just ignore and give a post to what you want to see.

As for me i have been awaiting the return of Zombies, and since that has basically been announced now i dont really know what i want anymore.
I think a must for the game will be new perks and the loss of old ones. For example: No more Danger close & One man Army combination. However alot of people may call me a noob for this but i want to see the return of Commando. Not for the insane across map knifing distance that is a crock of ****, i like to do trick jumps and straffing so having the ability to not take any fall damage would be a godsend.

As for new perks im looking for something that might enhance your ability to see because as im sure many of you just like me suffer from not being able to see those dirty camps out there. so if there was a perk that made everything thermal without the use of a scope then that would be freakin win

I want to hear from you guys aswell so give me your honest opinino about what you want to see in Black Op's. any new killstreaks? new perks? your choice

Very Happy tongue tongue tongue Very Happy
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What do you want to see in Black Ops
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